A tour through the markets of Dar Es Salaam

By Emilia Sten and Anna Kevin (Originally Published Sep 25, 2013)

The market tour is consisting of five different kind of markets. Tinga Tinga-market, fish market, the Wonder Workshop and the wood market.

"I was amazed, but also a bit disgusted about what he did with this fish" - Emilia

“I was amazed, but also a bit disgusted about what he did with this fish” – Emilia

Tinga Tinga is a type of paintings that was developed in Dar Es Salaam. The paintings are colorful and often made with a bit of humor, a bit like caricature. At the Tinga Tinga market you can just admire all the nice arts and watch as they make them or buy some to take with you home.

For the ones who are not afraid of a little fish smell, the fish market is really interesting. You can watch them catch the fish by the shore and see how they cut them to pieces. Seeing them put the knife straight between the eyes can sound a bit harsh, but it’s a way of seeing the real tanzanian life.

At the Wonder Workshop you can see how people use their imagination by creating art out of things you otherwise would throw away. The Workshop is maintained by people who are struggling with different disabilities. You can read more about this workshop in the blog post “Wonder Workshop, where arts meets innovation”.

The Wood market is located on the main road. Here you can find jewellery, clothes, paintings and also the famous sculptures carved out of wood.

DSCN6232Bargain is the key here and you have to be patient because everyone wants you to buy things. It’s not easy to know how much you should pay for your shoppings, but the local team leaders who are with you the whole tour can help. It’s anyway much cheaper than back home.

Food is excluded, but under the tour we stopped at a really nice lunch place called Samaki-Samaki situated in the city center of Dar Es Salaam.

Wonder Workshop, where art meets innovation

By Laura Alioravainen and Marjut Valtanen

Team Leaders, Art in Tanzania (Originally published on Sep 9, 2013)

Artists work on a wood at Wonder Workshop of Oysterbay in Dar es Salaam

An artist works on a wood at Wonder Workshop of Oysterbay in Dar es Salaam

When you pass between tens of little stores and boutiques selling imported shoes and clothes from Asia and all the pirated DVDs salesmen,  you can find a true gem in the streets of Dar Es Salaam. Behind the red gates exists Wonder Workshop. This craft shop was founded in 2005 by Paul Joynson-Hicks and its business model is pure genius.

Starting with three employees Wonder Workshop was making art out of scrap metal. Presently the organization employs 42 Tanzanian nationals with different disabilities. The brilliancy of Wonder workshop lies in the ability to see resources and potential where others so often overlook. Here used products and trash, typically scrap metal, wood, glass and plastic, from the streets get a new life in beautiful forms of greeting cards, jewellery, art, toys and in so many ways that our imagination can’t reach. The employees of Wonder Workshop say their inspiration comes from the nature and beauty of Africa and its wildlife.

Paper making at Wonder workshop

Paper making at Wonder workshop

Every year there is about hundred new applicants to work in Wonder workshop and get off the streets. A valuable asset to the workshop’s development and expansion is collaboration with volunteers and interns from all over the world. Volunteers can use their education and knowhow to help develop new products. Volunteering here is also a great opportunity to work with recycled material, truly test innovativeness with limited resources and learn the unique wonders of this workshop.

For more information, visit the workshop’s website: www.wonderworkshop.co.tz/