Safari Time!

By Anna Kevin and Emilia Sten

DSCN6872We had chosen a three day volunteer’s safari, containing of a visit to the Masai village, N’gorongoro crater and Lake Manyara. On friday five excited people climbed into the 4×4 driven Land Rover. We were heading to the west, through Arusha aiming for our first stop, the Masai village.

When we arrived, they were already expecting us. The Masai children took our hands and led us into the mystery of their world. Our driver/guide told us how to greet the Masai chief, so we headed towards him with great interest. He is a very powerful man, with 30 wives and 124 children. He was sitting by his cattle, watching over the whole village. The tour took us around the village, and even into their houses. We heard the story of the evil tree and why the Masai are missing a front tooth. We felt free to ask anything. Art in Tanzania is using the safari income to support education in Masai land and volunteers have assisted to build up a nirsery and primary school to the village.


We then spent the night in Karatu volunteer house. The second day it was time to meet the animals in N’gorongoro. The ride was very bumpy, but the view of the huge crater was amazing. The drive was exciting, because you never knew which animals you were going to meet. Our driver/guide did his best to find all the hiding animals, and he could spot them from a long distance. It was incredible to see the lions sunbathing next to the zebras and gnus. We even got a look at the black rhinos, which are really rare.

DSCN7109The third day was also filled with game watching. This day with a different terrain, because we were heading to Lake Manyara and the jungle. It almost felt like we were in the movie “Planet of the Apes”, since baboons and monkeys were everywhere. Here we could also see the giraffes, which are not living in the crater.

On our way back to Moshi, Kilimanjaro, we visited the optional snake park. Snakes are very hard to spot in the nature, and we wanted to be face to face with the Black Mamba. We also had the chance to try our courage by holding a snake and a baby crocodile. Back in Moshi we washed away all the dust from the safari, but the memories will stay forever.

(Originally published on May 15, 2014)

Tom and Jukka Climbing to Mt Kilimanjaro

Tom & Jukka Kili 1

Before the climb

During February 2014 I did 2 weeklong trip to Tanzania. During these 2 weeks I climbed up to Uhuru Peak on Mt Kilimanjaro and had a safari in Serengeti and N’gorongoro. The staff and guides from Art in Tanzania were extremely helpful during the 10 day long climbing & safari trip.

Tom & Jukka Kili 2

Our Climbing Team

I was quite impressed on the staff’s knowledge in English and their skills to socialize with the people from Europe and other part of the world. Some our our climbing group felt tired and was not sure if they were able to continue the climbing at some points. But due to the experience and knowledge of our guides, these climbers were helped to make a proper decision whether to continue or to stop due to the mountain sickness.

To sum up, I would definately recommend Art in Tanzania if you are visiting Tanzania and plans to climb up Uhuru Peak or getting on safari into Serengeti and N’gorongoro.

We Made It!

We Made It!

Thanks to the experienced guidance I was feeling safe during the whole trip and would definately choose them again if I later in my life plan to visit Mt Kilimanjaro or to go to a safari again.

Sincerely, Mohn Tom Eric, CEO of Ab Moonway Oy, Turku, Finland. (Originally published on Apr 14, 2014)


by Simo Hyvönen (Originally published on Dec 4, 2013)

simo kuva12It had been in my mind and it was my dream almost one year. Then suddenly one day in August 2013, I realized that Kilimanjaro can be true for me. Previous night I could not even sleep, I almost itched in anticipation. The first day was 24th of September and it was fairly easy to walk through the green fairytale like forest. It took almost five hours. The second camp named Shira was a very beautiful rock area over 3850 meters high. Some members of our group had to stop already because they were so tired and probably because they had not drink enough water. The third day was bright. We climbed to the Lava Tower which is 4640 meters high.

That afternoon was quite strenuous when we went down to the Barranco Camp standing at 3960 meters high. But that journey was over 10 kilometers.simo kuva13 On Friday we were facing a terrifying trial: a high and a narrow rock path. Sometimes we had to help and support each other by holding hands, like we have to do in our lives. I did not look down; I could only concentrate to the next step. I will never forget that day. We came to the Barafu Camp at six o’clock and at the same time it started snowing. People were so thrilled that they began to play snow war in the middle of Africa.

simo kuva3The last climb we did in darkness with a head lamp. It took six hours. My guide Theo was very helpful and patient with me. When the sun came over clouds at five o’clock on the Saturday morning, I got more power. I was climbing very slowly, very ‘pole-pole’ truly. But I succeed to climb to the Stella Point to 5785 meters high! I truly encourage, even older people such as me to try to have this experience. I can guarantee that it will be worth it.