Art in Tanzania: UNICEF Children’s Agenda

Art in Tanzania is a non-governmental organization registered in Tanzania, Zanzibar, Finland and in Ethiopia as Art in Ethiopia. The organization started in 2001 supporting local artists who did not have the resources to develop their talent. Since then, the organization has grown and now runs more than 300 volunteering and internship placements in Tanzania

Art in Tanzania is part of the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) Children’s Agenda and volunteers and interns undertake different projects towards this end.

The Children’s Agenda (CA) is an initiative geared towards improving the lives of children in Tanzania. The initiative led by the ministry of community development gender and children and facilitated by UNICEF brings together over 50 nonprofit organizations in Tanzania whose programs relate to advancing the children’s agenda.

Background of Children’s Agenda

The Children Agenda (CA) is a network of organizations, government departments and other partners who are committed to advocates for children’s rights. These partners collaborate on the development and implementation of a national advocacy strategy for child rights in Tanzania. The CA creates a context for collective advocacy for child rights among government bodies or departments, civil society organizations, development partners, the media and the private sector. While organizations have tended to reserve public campaigns for advancing individual brands, collaboration on child rights advocacy is more cost-effective and likely to have a more significant impact than any organizations operating alone.  This collaboration also helps in ensuring national reach and impact of the child advocacy agenda.

The TOP Ten Investments for the Children’s Agenda define the core messages and focus of the CA. These priority investments were identified following a consultation process involving children from different regions, government entities, CSOs and other partners. The Top Ten Investments are as follows:

  1. Invest to Save the Lives of the Children and Women
  2. Invest in Good Nutrition
  3. Invest in Better Hygiene and Sanitation in Schools and Health Facilities
  4. Invest in Early Childhood Development
  5. Invest in Quality Education for All Children
  6. Invest to Make Schools Safe
  7. Invest to Protect Infants and Adolescent Girls from HIV
  8. Invest to Reduce Teenage Pregnancy
  9. Invest to Protect Children from Violence, Abuse, and Exploitation
  10. Invest to Children Disabilities

Art in Tanzania welcomes you to partner with us so that together we can improve the welfare of our children.