TRADITIONAL AFRICAN SPORTS AND CUSTOMSBy Carolina Cideri – Art in Tanzania intern

Some examples of typical African sports:
⦁ Capoeira:
It is a well-known sport that finds its roots both in Africa and Brazil; it combines many elements such as music, martial arts and dance.
Indeed, it is composed of sophisticated moves accompanied by intense and powerful kicks.

⦁ Senegalese wrestling- LAMB:
It began a century ago and was recreation for fishers and farmers, but now it can be a source of earnings; in fact, top fighters can earn up to 100000 $ per fight!

⦁ Donkey racing:
It is an annual race widespread in Lamu, an island free of cars, this race is beautiful, and people are very enthusiastic to see it!

⦁ Nguni- stick fighting:
This stick battle can last up to 5 hours! It is an aggressive fight, and some people have died for it; hence it can be considered a bloody sport; players or people who are highly loyal to this sport think that it can be seen as a manner to find one’s cultural expression and that it can enhance skills and discipline.


⦁ Himba:
It is typical of northern Namibia, Himba women are characterised by half of their body naked and reddish hair, they do not usually wash their clothes, but they take a smoke bath.

⦁ Pigmy
They are people of short stature coming from the rainforest. They have always been the object of great interest. They are primarily found in the rain forests of Rwanda, Uganda and Cameroon.

Typically they are hunters with a unique and significant connection with nature.

⦁ Samburu: they are pastoralists from Northern Kenya. They raise cattle, goats, sheep and camels; as they come from a very humid place, they are usually nomads.

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