By Carolina Sideri – Art in Tanzania intern

Serengeti Park is among the most famous wildlife parks worldwide. Its fauna comprises various animals such as 1500000 gnus, approximately 300,000 zebras and 5,000,000 gazelles. In addition, many other animals have their home there, such as thousands of lions and leopards, cheetahs, and elephants … they are all waiting for you!
The Great Migration is a phenomenon that is important to deciding the Serengeti visit’s timing.
During Calvin season (January to March), you should visit the southern and central areas.
The other periods of the year, such as in May and June, safari visit the central and western areas of Serengeti.
A fascinating piece of information is the origin of the name, which comes from the Maasai word: “Siringet”, which means “place in which the Earth flows to Infinity”.
The ecosystem covers almost 15000 km2 of plants and lawns, which are flat and, in some parts, corrugated.
In Serengeti, you can enjoy several different types of safaris, from the famous one in a jeep to other original options such as: by horse or on foot.
If you prefer to explore it from height, you can fly on charter or even on a hot air balloon, offering you an indescribable view!
But which could be the best period to visit such a spectacular place?
Therefore, during the dry season, it is suggested that from June to October, this is because when rain is scarce, animals congregate where puddles are present. Thus, their observation is facilitated.
Serengeti is not too difficult to reach; it can be possible through aerial way or road. Firstly, it takes approximately 5 hours of flight; otherwise, by safari by car, it will likely take around 8 hours to leave Arusha’s city.

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