8 Tanzanian Fashion Designers to Watch Out For

Tiffany Lo – Art in Tanzania Internship

1: Doreen Mashika
Based in Zanzibar, Doreen Mashika’s designs are a combination of traditional Tanzanian styles and fabrics with a contemporary edge. Doreen Mashika has done collaborations with clothing brands such as Anthropologie and Edun. Her brand has been named Vogue’s favorite shop in Zanzibar.  

2: Anne Kiwia
Anne Kiwia founded her brand in 2012. Inspired by the busy and colorful streets of Dar Es Salaam, Anne Kiwia headbands are made from vintage fabrics found in the markets of Dar Es Salaam, and her vibrant up-cycled headbands have been featured in several magazines and different platforms, including Vogue Magazine.

3: Mustafa Hassanali
Mustafa Hassanali was a medical doctor before he started fashion design as a hobby. Since then, his career has flourished as he has showcased his designs in over 21 countries across the globe. His designs have been worn by individuals such as the supermodel Naomi Campbell and 1999 Miss Tanzania, Hoyce Temu, who wore one of his first creations, a signature evening gown. In 2008, Hassanali launched Swahili Fashion Week, which has created a platform for both established designers and models as well as emerging ones. Swahili Fashion Week is now one of the largest fashion events in East and Central Africa.

4: KiKi Fashion by Kiki Zimba
Kiki’s Fashion was founded by Christine Kissa Zimbia , who is popularly known as Kiki Zimba. With stylish dresses and skirts, Kiki’s Fashion is sure to capture one’s imagination with their beautiful designs.


5: Naledi Fashion House by Kemi Kalikawe
Kemi Kalikawe is the founder of Naledi Fashion House, which she established in 2008. Kalikawe was first an interior designer before she entered the fashion industry. Naledi Fashion House designs are all designed by Kemi Kalikawe herself and she designs ready-to-wear casual or contemporary Afro-urban fashion for both women and men.

6: Eve Collection by Evelyn Rugemalira
Evelyn Rugemalira is the creative director of the brand Eve Collections. Her designs are sophisticated and bold, with something for every occasion. Evelyn has had the opportunity to dress several Tanzanian celebrities, such as Madame Rita Paulsen of Bongo Star, Wema Septu, a well-known Tanzanian business woman and actress, as well as Miss Tanzania 2012.

7: Jamilla Vera Swai
Jamilla Vera Swai’s brand is chic and glamorous. Jamilla first developed an interest in fashion when she first came across her auntie’s fashion sketches when she was a young girl, and her vibrant designs are sure to catch one’s eyes.

8: Khadija Mwanamboka
Considered one of the top trail-blazers and trendsetters in the Tanzanian fashion industry, Khadija Mwanamboka is a veteran in the industry, having worked in fashion for over two decades. Besides fashion, she also enjoys giving back to her community through her organization, Tanzania Mitindo House, a not-for-profit social initiative which utilizes fashion design in the country for community-based charities geared towards assisting HIV/AIDS orphans.


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