Student jobs

Side Hustles that Will Help University Students Earn and Save Money

By Ms. Marina Joseph – Art in Tanzania internship

As a student at the university, having a way to earn small money on the side proves to be helpful and innovative. It alleviates some degree of financial stress on benefactors and parents. Due to several constraints and issues in starting a small business as a student such as:

•           Financial issues
•           Acquiring the necessary certification to open up a business as a student
•           Balancing work and school life
•           Finding Customers (Market)
•           Support from parents
•           Dealing with stress and self-doubt
•           Facing age stereotypes

There are limited choices on what type of businesses or startups a student can start. The following are examples of side hustles that students can undertake to earn on the side:

1. Selling Jewelry: Jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, rings is a perfect side hustle, especially for ladies. Such things are gotten at low prices in bulk and reselling to students on campus has proven to be a good thing.

2. Selling pastries: Students on campus still cook every day to feed themselves. One can use such skills to make small pastries such as mandazi, mahamri, doughnuts and sell them to shops where fellow students buy them on a daily basis. It is still low cost as the ingredients used are the ones found in the student’s home.

3. Selling secondhand clothes and shoes: This is a side hustle taken up by most students. It is easy to get such clothes due to the proximity to business centers and the fact that it is affordable. Students can sell them in the dorms, hostels to their friends etc. Social media such as Instagram can also be used to reach other clients.

4. Gaming station: From my university experience, gaming stations have proven to be a chill spot for most guys and at the same time attracting people from everywhere for games, mostly FIFA, COD and MKA. It is inexpensive to customers; however, it requires a bit more capital to start. This is for the certification to be a business, play music and gaming equipment such as PlayStation and TV screens.

5. Printing: There are various printing outlets in any university. It does not take much to set up one as a student. Several friends at the university have managed to open. It starts out slowly, but the market picks up eventually, just like any other start-up business.

6. Laundry services: It would be cheaper for a student to get a washing machine from home, relatives, or benefactor’s as it is quite expensive to acquire one. With the necessary equipment already available, a student can opt to offer laundry services

7. Crocheting: Items such as shoe scrubs, carpets can be crotched. Students can use this skill to make things such as carpets, sweaters, scarfs, even earrings.

8. Culinary Services or Food Vendor: Street food is very popular among students. Such places behave as the hub for people to meet up, eat and leave. Things such as choma kuku, chips and sausages, the famous “zege”, hotdogs have a strong market. Grilled meats such as mishkaki are also in high demand. People who can cook can decide to offer such services.

9. Part-time job as a researcher: Students can apply for part-time jobs like being a researcher for a company which needs a labor force in their specialty field. This job can be more professional than other jobs, and it can be a good resume for the future job of students (like applying for some internship companies during study periods)

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