5 skincare items to pack for travels

By Darlene Joshua – Art in Tanzania internship

 Travelling can bring a ton of changes to our daily routines and lifestyles. Flying into different time zones, or simply driving through polluted areas can have a huge impact on your skin. Dehydration, puffy eyes, and breakouts can all result from these changes. Consequently, it is critical to take right skin care products with you that will preserve your skin through this lifestyle change.

 So, you have a few days before you go on your trip, you are surfing through the web to find the right skin care products but find yourself overwhelmed with thousands – if not millions – of skin care options. The last thing you need is to feel exasperated about which product to take with you. 

An attractive young woman applying cream to her face

 A few multi-functional and high-quality products are all you need to enjoy a worry-free trip while preserving your healthy skin. We have compiled a few products that will make a big difference in your trip. No longer so you have to worry about skin breakouts, flakiness, or dull skin.

  1. Face mist 

If your skin is prone to dryness and puffiness then a rejuvenating mist is sure to cure this skin problem. The Protective Dust Screen Mist by Accoje is a highly effective option because it is free from harsh chemicals like paraben and alcohol. Its triple protection technology forms a protective barrier on the skin to prevent micro-particles from clogging your pores. It is best suited for travels where your skin will be exposed to dust. All you need to do is spray it directly on your face and enjoy long hours of moisturized, and supple skin. As we have said before, skin care is a solemn ritual. Including a mist in your travel bag and replenishing skin moisture should top the list. 

 2) Face packs 

Face masks are great additions to any skincare regimen to target specific skin care issues. Face Masks are especially beneficial if you are headed to warm or hot destinations. Being in a humid environment means you will perspire more, sweat cannot dry up, leaving the skin feeling warm and sticky. This makes facial skin vulnerable to infections and breakouts. Masks can help restore skin’s PH balance, remove excess oils and tighten the skin pores. Face packs come in containers.

and you may need to travel light- especially in road trips. The Missha Pure Source Pocket Pack is a commendable product that comes in a compact size. Comes with a variety of textures and extracts like pomegranate, green tea, and shea butter. With gel like and thick creamy textures, you can choose from this range the one that best suits your skin type. 

3) Light facial oils 

Need a moisturizer that will keep the PH of your skin balanced even when you are out on a long walk on a sunny day? Then choose the WONDER Black Rice Facial Oil by Haru Haru Wonder a light weight and fast absorbing formula that does not leave a greasy residue on your face. Prolonged exposure to the sun or extreme winds and cold can cause evaporation of moisture from the skin and may lead to dry skin – this applies to all skin types. So if you are going to a place where you will be out in the sun all day this face oil is for you. Formulated with sweet almond, jojoba oil which promote collagen synthesis, soothes irritated skin and keeps it hydrated. this product immediately revives the skin’s elasticity. 

4) Sun blockers 

A sun-kissed glowing face looks amazing in Instagram pictures! But skin suffers a lot when constantly exposed to the harmful ultraviolet rays while you are basking at the beach. To prevent skin inflammation, pigmentation, and reddened skin it is absolutely necessary to pack your sunscreen with you. The Rovectin Double tone-up UV Protector SPF50+ PA++++ is an option; a mineral sunscreen infused with Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. SPF50+ acts as a protective barrier on your skin by blocking 98% of ultraviolet rays. Vitamin E stimulates cell reproduction and fights free radicals, most importantly it traps moisture in your skin. Ideal for teen-age to mature skin, pack this for yourself and your mom. 

5) More Sun-protection 

They say you can never have too much sunscreen, and that is the truth! After a long day out doors your skin will still need to be replenished. Extra UV protection, moisturization, calmness and softness are just what your skin needs. Choose I’M REPAIR AFTER SUN soothing cream by Suntique because it provides a major boost of hydration. Infused with panthenol, it improves the skin’s elasticity, and smooth appearance. This is beneficial to the skin after spending the day outdoor where your skin is exposed to the hot sun or cold weather. It is an effective treatment for all skin types with special mention of ageing and dehydrated skin. 

A compact bag with all these items is all you need to maintain a youthful appearance and a room somewhere. They will cater to your skin problems while you enjoy the road trip and let you be free from worries. With all these products that we tried on, why wont you have all the fun? 

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