Celebrities who influence and inspire youth in Tanzania

By Joffrey Kabobe – Art in Tanzania Internships

1. Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz also known as SIMBA start his hustling of music in the street of Tandale- Dar es salaam. Diamond met with producer Bob Junior who introduce him to the music industry of Bongofleva by producing and recording the first hit song titled “Nenda kamwambie”. Diamond Platnumz in 2014 met with Davido and record the remix of Number one song which made him famous to all over Africa. Diamond is a CEO of wasafi record label called WCB, CEO of wasafi media and zoom production. So his hard work and hustle influence and inspire many young people in Tanzania and even in Africa at large, diamond is a role model to many youth of this generation. 

2. Alikiba

Many of his fans they call him Kingkiba , he is recording artist and vocalist from Tanzania. Alikiba is the owner of Kings Music Label which currently signed two artists namely Abdu Kiba and Tommy Flavour. In 2017 he became the director of Rockstar 4000. Alikiba first album titled “Cinderella ” made him famous in Tanzania and all-over East Africa, he is one of the biggest celebrities in Tanzania that influence and inspire youth in Tanzania.

3. Nancy Sumari 

Nancy Abraham Sumari is a Tanzanian author, business woman and social entrepreneur. Nancy Sumari was miss Tanzania (2005) and later she competed at miss world 2005 where she placed in top 6 and won the title of continental Queen of Africa for 2005. Nancy Sumari influences many youths in Tanzania due to the fact that she is hardworking woman who own Bongo 5 media Group Ltd, she is the executive director of the Neghasti Sumari Foundation and Jenga Hub. So Nancy is a pride to many youth in Tanzania who looking into her as their role model.

4. Millard Ayo

Millard Afrael Ayo is the founder of Ayo Tv company Limited which runs millardayo.com . Millard Ayo before own a television and a blog he started working with ITV and Radio one (IPP Media Group) in 2008 where he hosted different programs and being paid mostly salary of 300,000/= . Years pass Millard Ayo start to grow and be famous all over Tanzania whereby he joins Clouds Media Grop in 2010 up to date. Millard he is one of the celebrity that influence many young people in Tanzania who aspire him and be inspired by him in many things apart from his profession of journalists.

5. Nandy 

She is Tanzanian musician who own a label of African princess and other business such as Nandy Bridal and Nandy meat. Nandy inspire a lot of youth in Tanzania because she is a real Hustler and hardworking woman who hustle from nothing to something which made her to stay at the top. She is a self-made who own houses, cars and different businesses.  Nandy is a role model of many youth in Tanzania 

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