The island that disappears

By Emilia Sten & Anna Kevin Photos by Holly Carter (Originally published on May 17, 2014)


We took the “Positive” boat from Stone Town and started our bumpy ride towards Changuu Island, or more commonly known as Prison Island. The island of the giant tortoises and the prison from the 1860’s, which actually was used only as a quarantine hospital. Our captain threw the anchor into the white sand through the turquoise water. We jumped out of the boat and headed towards the place where the giant tortoises were held.

You could walk around with the slow moving IMG_4547
dinosaur like reptiles, touch them and even hold the 20 year old “babies”. The number on the back of the tortoises shows their age, and the oldest one is 189 years old. We wondered around and discovered the other things of the island, from sea stars to the prison. We continued our “Positive” ride towards the hidden island. Rising up from nowhere the beautiful sandbank showed itself. It was time for snorkelling! By the sandbank there was a small coral reef, with lots of colourful fish.


After the snorkelling we had a walk to the point where the waves meet and slowly swallow the whole island. While we were enjoying the waves and collecting some sea shells, our captain turned himself into a chef. He made a delicious barbeque on the boat, and all we had to do was sit down and eat. By the time our bellies were full, half of the island had already disappeared.


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