Tanzania marks International day of the Girl child for the first time, October 11th 2012

By David Kiarie
Dar es Salaam (Originally Published on: Sep 26, 2013)

For the first time ever, the world will today, Thursday October 11th 2012 mark the International day of the Girl child.

The day was declared by the United Nations general assembly on December 19th 2011 following intensive lobbying by non profit organizations that felt there was need to set aside a day when the world can recognize girls’ rights while still reflecting on the unique challenges they face around the world.

In Tanzania, Plan International and Children’s Dignity Forum (CDF) will be holding two events in different locations.

Plan International will be launching ’Because I Am A Girl Campaign’ at Karimjee hall in Dar es Salaam.

CDF on their part will be launching ‘Tanzania Ending Child Marriage Network’ at Mwembe Yanga of Temeke in Dar es Salaam.

The two organizations are members of Unicef’s Children Agenda forum, a network of non-governmental organizations, the government and other partners who are committed advocates for child rights and who collaborate in the development and implementation of a national advocacy strategy for child rights in Tanzania.

Volunteers and staff from Art In Tanzania, which is also a member of the Children Agenda network, will attend both functions.

This year’s theme for the global event is ‘My life, My right, End child marriage’.

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